When to Use CimexiShield™

CimexiShield™ is the ONLY Bed Bug Repellent for Skin that I have seen work – watch my videos!

The CimexiShield™ formula can provide 2 types of Bed Bug relief!


1. Prevent Bed Bugs –  spray CimexiShield™ on yourself to Repel Bed Bugs before they can bite.

2. After you’ve found Bed Bugs – spray CimexiShield™ on to sooth and relieve the itch, pain, swelling and discomfort associated with existing Bed Bug bites – it contains Aloe and Vitamin E and Prevent More Bed Bug Bites!

CimexiShield™ as a Bed Bug Repellent for Skin can be used for 4 specific phases of Bed Bug Treatment:


To protect you from getting additional bed bug bites once you discover you have bed bugs and before you can schedule a bed bug treatment


To protect you from getting additional bed bug bites while a lengthy multi-application chemical bed bug treatment is performed


To significantly relieve the itch, pain, swelling and discomfort associated with bed bug bites


To Prevent Bed Bugs or a Bed Bug Blocker away from your home by reducing the chance of getting unwanted bed bug hitchhikers

Bed Bug Treatments are a long and sometimes painful process, requiring multiple chemical applications. This could take several weeks to months to completely eliminate all stages of Bed Bugs. Even then, sometimes it is not 100% effective!


Other methods like Steam or Freezing can, and often do, take multiple visits to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. They are not always 100% effective! Only a correctly performed Bed Bug Heat Treatment is documented to be 100% effective in killing all stages of Bed Bugs but they can be very costly!


Repeated studies have shown that many of the chemical products especially the ones you can buy yourself at the store used in bed bug treatments simply DO NOT WORK as well as the Professionals want them to! This is why it takes multiple treatments to Kill Bed Bugs 100% – and their eggs!


Before and during the Bed Bug treatment process, you will continue to get new Bed Bugs Bites. You are the bait to lure the Bed Bugs into crawling across the areas where the Bed Bug chemicals have been applied and hopefully over time the Bed Bugs will pick-up enough chemical to die.

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The fear of Bed Bugs Bites is OVER!

CimexiShield™ is a Lab Tested skincare product, it works as an Anti-Bed Bug Bite body spray to be used Before and During a Bed Bug Treatment and After to prevent future the Bed Bug Infestations – see my videos!

CimexiShield™ was Lab Tested to be safe on your skin so you can use it anytime any time Bed Bugs are present or might be present as a Bed Bug Preventative to Significantly reduce the amount of new Bed Bug Bites.  Contained in CimexiShield are ingredients to help relieve the itch, pain, swelling and discomfort associated with existing Bed Bug Bites.


If you are sleeping away from home, spray CimexiShield™ on areas of exposed skin. Additionally, spray on other areas where you think you could experience Bed Bug Bites. Enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep knowing CimexiShield™ will provide hours of protection and relief just like I do!

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