CimexiShield is the only Spray on Bed Bug Repellent that Prevents Bed Bug Bites!


If you see Bed Bugs in your bed, they are in other places as well and until you figure out How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. You’ll need a Bed Bug Repellent Spray to stop getting more Bed Bug Bites NOW!

I work for a large Bed Bug-Only Pest Control Company. All I do every day is Kill Bed Bugs in places like. If I saw Bed Bugs in my bed, the best way to kill them is take some toilet tissue, scoop them up, and flush them down the drain. Or, spray 91% or higher rubbing alcohol directly on them. BUT…


RxBioLabs in the News: Click on the news article below to read about what RxBioLabs has been up to. CimexiShield, the world’s 1st Bed Bug Repellent for Skin developed by RxBioLabs, was just recently featured in Forbes!


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Got Bedbugs? This Startup’s Topical Spray Will Chase Them Away.


The problem is you only see 1-in-13 of the Bed Bugs, so it’s the Bed Bugs you don’t see that are still biting you!


The BIG problem is NOT How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs. You need to Prevent Bed Bug Bites while you try to Kill the rest of the Bed Bugs!


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Click the image above to purchase CimexiShield™ – a body spray that repels bed bugs!


Repeated studies have shown that many of the Professional chemical products used to kill Bed Bugs in Bed Bug treatments simply DO NOT WORK! This is why it takes multiple treatments to Kill all the Bed Bugs and their eggs! Studies also show most of the Over-the-Counter Bed Bug Spray you buy at a big box hardware store simply do not work at all.

Before and During ANY Bed Bug treatment process, you will continue to get new Bed Bugs Bites. You are the bait to lure the Bed Bugs into crawling across the areas where the Bed Bug chemicals have been applied!


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This is what a Bed Bug looks like after it has sucked blood from the skin.


I’ve tested CimexiShield™ on my own skin to Repel Bed Bugs and have seen that it works! It can be used for all 4 phases of a Bed Bug Treatment!


You need CimexiShield™ Bed Bug Spray – STOP getting Bed Bugs Bites during the 4 Phases of your Bed Bug Treatment!


CimexiShield™ can be used with the 4 specific phases of a Bed Bug Treatment. But, it does not kill Bed Bugs and should be used in conjunction with a proper Bed Bug Treatment:

  1. BEFORE – Spray on CimexiShield™ to protect yourself from getting additional bed bug bites once you discover you have bed bugs, and before you can schedule a bed bug treatment.
  2. DURING – Spray on CimexiShield™ to protect yourself from getting additional bed bug bites while a lengthy, multi-application chemical bed bug treatment is performed.
  3. AFTER – Spray CimexiShield™ on red spots to significantly relieve the itch, pain, swelling and discomfort associated with bed bug bites.
  4. NEVER GET BED BUGS AGAIN – Spray on CimexiShield™ to prevent Bed Bug bites or to use as a Bed Bug Blocker during your daily activities away from your home. Reduce the chances of attracting unwanted bed bug hitchhikers.

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Click the image above to purchase CimexiShield™ – a body spray that repels bed bugs!


Finally, you can Prevent Bed Bug Bites by using CimexiShield™ Nightly as a Bed Bug Repellent Spray!