To protect you from getting additional bed bug bites once you discover you have bed bugs and before you can schedule a bed bug treatment


To protect you from getting additional bed bug bites while a lengthy multi-application chemical bed bug treatment is performed


To significantly relieve the itch, pain, swelling and discomfort associated with bed bug bites


To Prevent Bed Bugs or a Bed Bug Blocker away from your home by reducing the chance of getting unwanted bed bug hitchhikers

BIs using CimexiShield™ the answer to How to Prevent Bed Bugs?


You have followed all the rules. Your life has been turned upside down for weeks, you have lived with dangerous chemicals in your home, and your clothes have been in plastic bags for weeks. You’ve suffered and endured painful swollen Bed Bug bites, and now Finally you are now Bed Bug Free! …But for how long?


Where did the Bed Bugs come from?


How did I get Bed Bugs?


How to Prevent Bed Bugs again?


These are the questions that haunt everyone who has had Bed Bugs. The truth is, most people do not know with 100% certainty where or how they got Bed Bugs. One thing is for certain: if you have gotten them once, you can get them again!

CimexiShield  can Prevent Bed Bugs by significantly reducing the chance of bringing hitchhiking Bed Bugs home!

CimexiShield™ when used as Anti-Bed Bug body spray, will repel Bed Bugs and that is How to prevent Bed Bugs!

Since CimexiShield™ is a Lab Tested skincare product, it can be used any time you think Bed Bugs might be present. Applying CimexiShield™ will significantly reduce your chance of bringing hitchhiking Bed Bugs home.

If you are a Business Traveler, Vacationer or just simply sleeping away from home do you want to know How to Prevent Bed Bugs? Simply spray CimexiShield™ on areas of exposed skin or other areas where you think you could experience Bed Bug bites. You will enjoy a Good Night’s Sleep knowing you will have hours of Protection and Relief!

Studies tell us that there is no solution or Magic Bullet that will ever end the threat of Getting Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs have existed before mankind, and will be probably be here after us as well. They are simply a way of life, but now there is a safe and easy way How To Prevent Bed Bugs!

CimexiShield will significantly reduce the chance of bringing hitchhiking Bed Bugs home!

How do I improve my chances of not getting Bed Bugs?


1. When you travel, DO NOT keep your suitcases, briefcase or any luggage on the ground.


2. Place worn clothes in plastic bags, and hang them in the closet. DO NOT put worn clothes on the ground!


3. Check the bed(s), box spring(s), and linens for signs of Bed Bug fecal spotting.


4. By using CimexiShield™ Bed Bug Repellent when traveling, you can reduce the chances of attracting unwanted Bed Bug hitchhikers.